Damballa-Voodoo Snake God



 The above VERE'S are symbols of the god Damballa, also spelt Damballah Weedo and Danbhalla Wedo.

In Voodoo Damballa is one of the most important of the LOA (gods). He is both a member of the Rada family and a root of, or racine Loa. He is depicted as a serpent who forms the arch of the heavens, and when he travels on earth deep vallys are made when he passes. Seen as a very powerful serpent his movements are used to explain away earthquakes, and tidal waves in the oceans. Damballa is seen as a huge silver white serpent who often stradles the earth making a rainbow along with his wife - Ayido Hwedo.

Some worshipers become possessed with this god during Voodoo ceremonies. He does not talk through them as some Loas would but makes a hissing noise like a snake. In some Voodoo branches he is known as 'Damballah nan flambo' and you can hear him speaking through a flame, like god spoke to Moses through the burning bush. It is said that he carries the souls of ancestors on his back to 'Ginen', the afterlife.